This page contains a list of references that this blog draws from constantly. Many of them are freely available online or in university libraries. I tried to group them by language for ease of searching.


Jusayú, Miguel Angel,   Diccionario de la lengua guajira

Jusayú, Miguel Angel, Morfología guajira

Mansen, Karis B.; Aprendamos guajiro : gramática pedagógica


Miner Solá, Edwin, Diccionario taino ilustrado

Gaztambide Arrillaga, Carlos, El idioma indígena taíno en las Antillas

Angel Rodriguez, Mitologia Taina o Eyeri. Ramon Pane y la Relacion sobre las Antiguedades de los Indios


Bennett, John Peter,  An Arawak-English dictionary

Bennett, John Peter, Twenty-eight lessons in Loko

Pet, Willem Jan Agricola, Lokono Dian, The Arawak Language of Suriname: A Sketch of its Grammatical Structure and Lexicon

John Peter Bennett, Richard Hart;Kabethechino: a correspondence on Arawak

C. H. de Goeje, The Arawak Language of Guiana


Cayatano, E. Roy; The People’s Garifuna Dictionary – 2nd Edition

Suazo, Salvador; Conversemos en garífuna: gramática y manual de conversación

E. Salvador Suazo B. Tegucigalpa;  La escritura garífuna = Abürühani lau garifuna

Fernando Sabio and Celia Karina Ordóñez; Hererun wagüchagu: dimurei-agei garifuna

Kathryn Bertilson; Introducción al idioma garífuna

Duna Troiani; “El caribe insular del siglo XVII”, Tratado sobre la lengua y la cultura de los Callínago: Traducción al español del Dictionnaire caraïbe-français (1665) de Raymond Breton

Caribbean Linguistics

Julian Granberry and Gary Vescelius; Languages of the Pre-Columbian Antilles

Gladwyn Kingsley Noble; Proto-Arawakan and its descendants


3 thoughts on “Bibliography

  1. Hi, I´m glad for a site like this to be online…
    Seeing this bibliography I think I may suggest you a couple of authors: Manuel Álvarez Nazario and José Juam Arrom. The first one has a book about reconstruction of antillean arawak and the last has one entitled “Lexicografía Antillana” (Antillean Lexicography, I think is the translation). This two authors are almost mandatory regarding the language issues of indigenoues people in the caribbean. Of course they have a lot of articles and some other books related to that topic, but I only remember those two.
    Also there is a linguistic professor here in Cuba, Sergio Valdez Bernal, who has done a great job about the influence of caribbean arawak in the spanish
    Also, I’ve read about a university in Venezuela or Colombia (probable the first one) doing research about reconstruction of arawak, including the caribbean arawak.
    There are a lot of groups in the caribbean islands (mostly in the spanish speaking islands) who are doing efforts to the reconstruction process.
    Keep the work of this site, is an amazing thing!
    Grupo Kaweiro (Cuba)

    • Thanks. I haven’t posted in a loooong time, but I am doing other things (albeit slowly) related to “lessons” which is helping gather everything in a consumable way. I need to check out this stuff you posted. Feel free to put up links to pdfs and such.

    • On another note, I went to Cuba for a short stay and I was trying to find books on this subject. I found some that I already had from PR, but I found an interesting one on dance, which analyzed the beats and rhythm of certain folk songs and their dances in eastern Cuba. I decided to save my money and now I am shaking my head because those rhythms came from our speech itself!

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