Arawakan Comparison Chart

Attached is an excerpt of a larger chart that I have been working on off and on of the 10,000 most used words in any language in the 4 principal Arawakan languages.

Language Chart (PDF download)

Words that I could not find are have a “?”. The question mark is to say that when I prepared the chart, I did not easily find the word, not that it does not exist.

Secondly, there were many words with synonyms; of them, I chose only one. The only exception was for any Taino word that different people defined with different words.

There are several things that I want people to take from this chart:

  1. Out of over 100 words, the majority of them commonly-used and about 10% of them “wildcard” words, approximately 1/3 of them have a known Taino word. This means an accepted word, not one that I derived by use of rules.
  2. Bolded words mean that the row are cognates between the several languages. This may not be readily apparent, until taken into consideration the actual pronunciation and timing (moras) of the word.
  3. Well over half of the words are cognates of each other between the languages; this shows that deriving words from other Arawakan languages still allows for the retention of the true character of any of the languages, particularly because most of the words are already cognates of each other.

Please look at the chart as a beginning to knowing the potential to apply the rules that are posted on the blog.


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