Taino Language Hiatus

I planned previously to make one post per week, and I intend to stick to that schedule. However, I will not be posting for several weeks after today in order to organize my notes for the upcoming topics, which include: pluralizing; diminutives, superlatives, and numbers; some comments on pronunciation; grammar, including word order; and adding to and completing the charts. I will also continue the discussion on nominalizing concepts, such as land, people, and more on abstract concepts, God Willing (Kajiahuna “sinato” kaheketi tum). All these things are  necessary in order to tackle the more advanced topics of proposed orthography, the 100 most-used words chart, my philosophy and procedure for filling-in-the-gaps in the language, and beginning to compose in Taino. I hope to review one or two books on Loko and Wayuu, while I find more on Taino and Gari/Karifuna. Please comment with suggestions, statements, questions, concerns, or criticisms.


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