Taino and Arawakan Conjugations

The following charts present a survey of Taino language and various Arawakan conjugations of the word “Give”. If you find a mistake, please make a comment below. Please note, however, that I have adapted the Wayyu orthography to English, so that “J” becomes “H”. The sound “ü” is also written as “(u)” in other posts, and is pronounced similar to the English short vowel of “U” (Uh, Sir, Fir, etc.).

Notice the similarities between the languages, Wayyu being the only language that does not use a cognate of “Asika” for “Give”. Also, due to its unique conjugations, I decided to conjugate the verb form for “Give It” rather than “Give” for Wayyu. As a note, certain verbs in Karifuna/Garifuna do conjugate in a similar manner.

I intend to continue adding other charts and making corrections to current charts, but I want to focus on the simple tenses. So keeping checking back!

A.    Infinitive

  Taino Garífuna Wayúu Loko
Give (Transitive)                Asika  Íchiga  Ápá  Ashika


B.    Present Imperfect

  Taino Garífuna  Wayúu Loko
I Give Dasika Nichiga TÁpüin  D’ashika
You Give Busika Bichiga PÁpüin Bü’shika
He Gives Lusika & Nusika Lichiga NÁpüin Lü’shika
She Gives Tusika Tichiga SÁpüin Thü’shika
We Give Wasika Wouchiga WÁpüin  W’ashika
You Give Husika Huchiga HÁpüin Hü’shika
They Give Nasika Houchiga NÁpüin N’ashika

2 thoughts on “Taino and Arawakan Conjugations

  1. Mabrika (Greetings): Hahom (thank you) for alerting me too your work. Your approach is very much in concert with the language project the United Confederation of Taino People is working on now. There are some points where we are diverging but again, the research is very, very close.

    We use ‘-sika’ not ‘asika’ to begin the comparison across the region however our conclusions are nearly identical.

    I would be honored if we can continue our correspondence and see if we can combine our work somehow.

    In any case, I am appreciative of the site and your work.

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