Taino sentences

Some Taino sentences that I read in Languages of the Pre-colombian Antilles. Just meant for general interest. I think they’re pretty cool.

1.O, káma, waxeri, wariké kawóna yari. (O, hear, sir, we see gold jewels.)
2.Mayani makana, Juan Desquivel daka. (Do not kill me, Juan Desquivel am I.)
3.Dios naboriya daka. (God, His worker I am.)
4.Ahiyacawo, warocoel. (You have spoken to us, our grandfather.)
5.Waiba, sinato makabuka wamekina. (Let us go, it is not important that our boss is upset.)
6.Teketa sinato wamekina. (Our boss is very upset.)


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